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News Article

'Night of the Living Dead' Lives Again - On Stage


Oh those wacky Canadians. The crew behind Evil Dead: The Musical have decided to raise another horror classic from the dead: Night of the Living Dead. That's right, a live (undead?) stage play is coming to Toronto in 2013. Christopher Bond will direct the book by Trevor Martin and Dale Boyer, and NotLD director George Romero (along with the film's original writer and producer John Russo and Russ Streiner) have signed on as executive producers. Check out a trailer after the jump.

The producers of the show promise that, like the film, the play will be in black and white (makeup, stage design, costumes) It will be interactive, with zombies wandering the theater, but keeping things "PG" so all ages may enjoy. 

For more info, visit the official website.

Source: Twitch Film