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News Article

Nightrage Dons a Bloody CROWN for New Album

Revered death-metallers Nightrage promise to take their demonically epic sound “to the limit” on their fourth studio album Wearing a Martyr’s Crown, which is scheduled to invade North American shores this summer. The band has unloaded tons of info about their upcoming assault, and we break it down for you after the jump!

Nightrage, whose members hail from Greece and Sweden, was one of the many standard-bearers of the celebrated “Gothenburg Sound” – which made the Swedish city one of Europe’s premier locales for melodic death metal in the late ‘90s. The band jump-started a successful new phase of their career in 2007 with A New Disease is Born, from esteemed producer Erik Nordström, whose credits include Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, In Flames and At the Gates.

The band has teamed with Nordström again for this year’s follow-up, which they describe as “a multi-layered journey into the darkest depths of the human psyche, the futility of human behaviour and the most dimly lit corners of the untold arcane.” The eleven-cut album boasts titles like “Shed the Blood,” “Among Wolves,” “Wounded Angels” and “Failure of All Human Emotions,” and the Japanese edition of the CD will include a bonus cover of Metallica’s “Holier Than Thou.”

Martyr’s Crown won’t hit US shores until August 4th, but you can preview a couple of tracks right now on their MySpace, including the newly-posted title track, and view behind-the-scenes footage from the album recording sessions… the latest of which you can check out below.