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Nightwish Unveil 'Imaginaerum' Album Details


Last month, we tipped you off to the upcoming dark fantasy film and concept album Imaginaerum (originally titled Imaginarium) from internationally famed gothic-metal band Nightwish. Now the band has come forward with a mountain of info about the album, which is due later this year. We've recapped it all for you below the fold, including the official release date, the new cover art for the album & first single, and the complete CD tracklist... so come on in and take a look!

The artwork we showed you earlier is still being used as the advance poster for the Imaginaerum movie, which is currently in pre-production. But the band decided to go with a different version for the CD cover. According to band founder Tuomas Holopainen, the image shown above – rendered by artist Toxic Angel –  was meant to be on the inside of the digipak foldout, but it was so impressive that he changed his mind.

(You can see a high-quality version of this foldout at the band's official site.)

"I believe this is Toxic Angel's finest piece of work yet," said Tuomas, "capturing the deepest essence of what Imaginaerum is all about. The power of imagination and places of wordless wonders, magic and awe, of longing and the surreal. I emphasized from the start that not a single living thing should be seen in the picture, and Toxic was able to create that sublime but desolate, 'all this waiting for you, and you only' feeling... All you need is the courage to enter."

Imaginaerum's songs examine human dreams and nightmares through the setting of a magic carnival, and Holopainen says they will explore everything from mermaids and enchanted snowmen to childhood fears of "monsters in the closet, squealing pigs, hordes of spiders and flesh-ripping harpies" – but ultimately, the album's main concept is "a celebration of life and existence." Here's the complete list of songs:

"Ghost River"
"Slow, Love, Slow"
"I Want My Tears Back"
"Turn Loose The Mermaids"
"Rest Calm"
"The Crow, The Owl And The Dove"
"Last Ride Of The Day"
"Song Of Myself"

The band also announced that "Storytime" will be the first single, and it's scheduled to drop on November 11th, with the full album release to follow on December 2nd. The band will also be launching a world tour early next year, kicking off with a huge show in Los Angeles on January 21st. Keep checking back for more news on the upcoming feature film...