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News Article

Now on iTunes: The 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Game


First it was a book, then a movie (coming out this Friday, June 22nd), and now Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a game. (I'm hoping it will next be a delicious breakfast cereal.) And it's currently available on iTunes.

Here's the official description of the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter game, which you can download now on iTunes: "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is an addicting, bloody game and free to play! Test your vampire slaying skills against the terrifying creatures of the night. You'll advance through multiple vampire laden levels including Bart's Dock, the Oval Office and the Plantation Ballroom. But never fear as our nation's favorite president is history's greatest hunter of the undead. Just swing your way to glory, one bloody vampire at a time."

Below are two QR codes you can scan "to begin vampire hunting like a true patriot."