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Now You Can Live in a Crime Scene - Without the Mess


Have you always wanted to live in a crime scene, but don't really feel the need to kill someone? Now you can claim Patrick Bateman was your decorator with wall murals from Pixers. They have created a line of wall murals (essentially self-stick, vinyl rolls of wallpaper) called "Bloody Moon." All are designed to look like, well, blood. No moons, though.

Some of the images look like little more than childish art projects (like the word "blood" spelled out in blood, or a drippy red skull, or a blotchy red heart). But others look like they came right out of an episode of Dexter (forensically-accurate blood spatter patterns) or Saw (grimy cellar walls caked with a decade's worth of blood). These things might be fun for Halloween, but I imagine the thrill would wear off well before Thanksgiving. Check out a selection of patterns below:

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