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News Article

Nudity, Violence and Dead Kids - Welcome to 'Eden'

Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier (Dancer in the Dark, Dogville) certainly made a mark at Cannes this year with his latest film, Antichrist (which we told you about here).  Scenes of explicit sex, toddler death, and genital mutilation allegedly had several audience members fainting in response.  According to MTV Multiplayer, von Trier now hopes to bring some of that magic to the small screen, with a video game version of Antichrist, simply titled Eden.

The movie focuses on a couple (Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg) who try to give a shot to the arm of their dying marriage by visiting Eden, their personal cabin in the woods.  Of course, as happens with any couple in a horror movie making a attempt like this (Dark Remains, The Long Weekend etc.), things go pear-shaped faster than you can say, well, genital mutilation.

With the direction of Morten Iverson, who previously worked with IO Interactive on the Hitman series, the goal is to bring the game, described as a “nightmarish version of Myst” to download services like Xbox Live and Steam, who will certainly embrace the game if the content is anything like the movie, am I right? I applaud the effort of anyone who will try to bring such horrific ideas to the game world and still make it fun to play.

Eden is due out next year. Read more at the MTV Multiplayer blog.