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NYC Toy Fair ’12: ‘The Walking Dead’ and Zombies a Strong Presence at Toy Fair


It's been a year since AMC's The Walking Dead became a hit, and in turn raised the profile of Robert Kirkman's fantastic graphic novel series of the same name.  What's a tangible horror by-product of that success now? At this week's 109th American International Toy Fair underway in New York City, there are zombies and The Walking Dead everywhere. Major collectible creators and retailers are now getting on the brain-eater bandwagon with new products, toys and collectibles.

Last year McFarlane Toys enjoyed big success with their The Walking Dead  6" action figures based on season one. The company is back this year with news of a special edition Blu-ray collector's package for season two featuring an exclusive zombie statue case created by McFarlane Toys based on a series zombie creation by Special Effects Make-up Supervisor and Co-Executive Producer, Greg Nicotero and KNB EFX Group. It will be available through Anchor Bay Entertainment in 2012, and the screwdriver inside the zombie's eye socket will actually open the case. 

FEARnet spoke with Patty Bertschat at the McFarlane Toys booth and she told us that the action figures from "series one went nutty. We released it right in the middle of season one and we sold out. Everybody wanted more than what we had so we are very, very encouraged."

The season two figures will be available in October in time for season three and feature fan favorite characters and zombies. "For season two, we've just got some reference photos for what we're going to be doing. We try to use the reference of exactly how the figure is going to look so we plan to do Rick Grimes, Shane, the bicycle girl zombie, the Well Zombie and the RV Zombie. Shane is in tactical attire in his newly buzzed haircut. Grimes is a brand-new sculpt in this civilian attire instead of his uniform. The bicycle girl is the zombie girl crawling in the park."

Patty did confirm the action figure line based on Kirkman's comic book characters are on hiatus for now. "However for San Diego Comic-Con, we're doing an exclusive on the comic book side for Robert Kirkman."

Comic book fans need not mourn because Diamond Select Toys are getting into the Kirkman characters with brand new Minimates 2-inch minifigures based on The Walking Dead graphic novels.  Diamond's Marketing Supervisor Zach Oat tells FEARnet that they have several waves and retailer exclusive two-packs already ready and they'll hit stores in September 2012. 

Jakks Pacific is also adding The Walking Dead to their price conscious plug and play video game series. Taking a cue from the success of their hunting game, Buck Hunt, they will debut their The Walking Dead TV series video game based in the world of the AMC TV series. Using a pump and shoot plastic shotgun, players can target practice zombies on their screen from the show. It's a portable game that plugs into any TV. It drops in August 2012 for $39.99.

Photos: Bill Edwards