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NYC Toy Fair '12: Horror Oddities from the Murky Corners of Toy Fair


One of the great things about strolling through the aisles of the annual American International Toy Fair is that you absolutely never know what you're going to come across, especially when it comes to horror themed toys and collectibles.  Amongst the mainstream kids stuff, we always come across plenty of weird and disturbing and that's how we like it.  Here are some of the strangest things we found at this year's show that we can't wait to jump on once they hit retail…

Living Dolls Tea Party

I hate dolls; have since I was little so seeing this cluster of dead-eyed creepy Living Dead Dolls assembled around a coffin for tea was just about all I needed to cut and run in the opposite direction. But upon closer look, Mezco's done a great job with the details from their skull cups to their super elaborate themed costumes. Another plus is that each doll comes with a leg that attaches to the coffin making the perfect inappropriate tea table.  (Each individual doll is available July 2012)

Jakks S.L.U.G.S.

Remember the bubble gum pink M.U.S.C.L.E. toys back in the ‘80s? Well there's a new twist on that concept called S.L.U.G.S., or Scary Little Ugly Guys. These little plastic collectibles are split between green zombie and pink humans and feature 60 different characters to collect with lots of new waves coming in 2012. We can't resist little zombies with names like Grave Lincoln, Headless Halpert and Rigamortis Lourdes. (Available this spring in blind packs or sets)

Chucky Doll

Chucky, the granddaddy of evil dolls, finally gets Mezco's Living Doll treatment in the 12-inch format. The Child's Play villain has the stitched up face, paint splattered overalls and we pray, no ability to suddenly come to life and knife us in our sleep. (Available October 2012)

Half Life Headcrab Zombie

Gaming Head's hideously delicious limited edition Half Life Head Crab Zombie just released late 2011 and it's an impressive 1/4 scale statue that stands 20" tall. Next up they're taking on Team Fortress 2's RED medic which is taking pre-orders now for a Fall 2012 release.

Mezco Creepy Cuddlers

Zombie Creepy Cuddlers Set I was a big success last year for Mezco Toyz so they're rolling out set II featuring a rabid organ grinder monkey, a decaying rabbit and their evil scientist. Disgusting yet cute at the same time.(Available August 2012)

Edgar Allen Poe Bobblehead

If only Edgar Allen Poe were alive today to see his gloomy visage, complete with a super large wobbly head, adorning stranger's desks. If he's not rolling over in his grave about it, we're pretty sure his bobblehead would have at least inspired him to write a pretty sad poem. We're just going to laugh and buy one later this year from Funko.

Evil Toy Soldier

It's never too early to plan for the holidays especially when Mezco is going to release their Evil Toy Soldier later this year that's certain to give grandma the gift of the heebie-jeebies next December.

Katniss Everdeen's Bow

There are plenty of horrific things to love about The Hunger Games movie which comes out the end of March. Kids killing kids, scary muttations inside a sealed arena, and then the merchandising which includes every crazy thing you could think of. We love the prop replica Katniss Everdeen bow that she uses in the books and film to catch game to feed her starving family. Yup, come to think of it that's a pretty messed up chotchkie. (Available now)

Mars Attacks Martians

This year is the 50th anniversary of the original Mars Attacks trading card series by science-fiction artist Wallace Wood. His big-headed Martians inspired Tim Burton's film of the same name and now Mezco is celebrating their "Ack Ack" existence with action figures and plush dolls. (Available November 2012)

Iron Maiden Cover

NECA continues with their line of action figures based on Iron Maiden album covers and 2012 will feature Eddie the Head from Iron Maiden's eponymous first album. He just might be more disturbing in 3D than and on a 2D album cover. (Available in 2012)

Monster High Girls

One of the most popular items at the entire show is yet again Mattel's Monster High Ghoul Dolls. Tweens can't get enough of these goth dolls and we're not sure if that's good because they're grooming them for a horror appreciation or they're just frightening (in a bad way). Regardless, a new batch comes to stores in time for Halloween.