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News Article

NYC Zombie Crawl Invades Brooklyn


Yesterday the dead descended on Williamsburg, Brooklyn, hungry for brains, thirsting for booze, and craving a good time.  They wreaked havoc every step of the way, knocking over trash cans and streaking blood across cars, buses and food trucks.  FEARnet braved the chaos to capture the action.  After the jump, check out photos and footage from the NYC Zombie Crawl.

Zombies of every variety (school girl zombies, military zombies, rollerblading zombies and hipster zombies, to name a few) gathered at bars Trash Bar and Grand Victory before moseying on down Bedford Ave.  Some zombies stopped in McCarren Park to soak up the sun, while others checked out a metal & flesh hooks show by Nassau Chainsaw DisGraCeLand Demolition Committee at venue Spike Hill. The zombies converged at Public Assembly for the crawl after-party where they were treated to entertainment like Resident Evil 6 previews, horror burlesque and live music.  (Oh, and a zombie mosh pit broke out, which is only slightly more intense than a normal mosh pit because of the excess of blood.)

Our favorite zombies of the night:  Undead Family, Zombie Abraham Lincoln, Where's Waldo Zombies, and Undead Bride & Bridesmaids. (They'd devoured the groom.)

Check out the photos we snapped, along with footage straight from the smart phone. (Enlarge the gallery for maximum undead enjoyment.)

Photos by Hilary McHone.