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News Article

NYCC 2012: Horror Comes to Hong Kong in ‘Sleeping Dogs’ DLC


At a panel at New York Comic Con, Square Enix announced the first piece of ‘story-based’ DLC for their open-world crime game Sleeping Dogs.  Of particular interest to horror fans, however, is the zombie-based angle that the DLC is taking.

According to Kotaku, the “Nightmare in Northpoint” DLC will be “horror themed,” following in the frightening footsteps of DLC like “Undead Nightmare” for Red Dead Redemption.  The game’s developer, United Point, explained that “with the DLC, we feel we can explore other aspects of Hong Kong cinema.”  Given that many of the Hong Kong horror flicks I’ve seen had a tendency towards ghosts and vampires, this should prove to be a unique addition to the crime franchise.

The “Nightmare in Northpoint” DLC will be released October 30, just in time for Halloween.