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NYCC Exclusive: Filming 'Evil Dead' Was Torture for Jane Levy, Sequels Planned


For Jane Levy,  who was recently dubbed the “new Ash” by Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead is a survival story, both on and off the screen. The actress told FEARnet she got seriously messed up while playing leading lady Mia.

“Physically it’s the hardest fucking thing I ever did in my life. It hurt. It hurt your heart, it hurt your body. I was tortured, really. Psychologically and physically. For four months straight,”  she said.”

Levy elaborated on the physical aspects of the torture. Boy, did she elaborate.

“I was buried alive. I was put in a coffin under the ground, covered in dirt and left by myself. I was in five hours of prosthetics a majority of the film. 90 percent of the film I was soaking wet. It was the middle of winter and we’re shooting outside. There was so much blood in the movie I got an ear infection that a doctor told me was the worst infection he had ever seen. I couldn’t hear for three weeks from the blood stuck in my ear. I’ve been cleaning my ears since we filmed and there’s still red on my Q-tip. For two-and-a-half months. That’s not even an exaggeration, it’s still coming out of my brain. I had tubes stuck down my throat so I could vomit on people. I had plastic bags tied around my head and I had to have an oxygen tube so I wouldn’t suffocate.”

When asked if after all that she would be willing to go back for more Levy confirmed that plans for sequels are afoot.

“I am contracted to do two more movies and now that I know what it was like, I will be able to do the second one much better and be prepared ... I can’t describe what it does to you when you are on top of somebody covering them with vomit. It just feels so wrong!” she said.

Levy hasn’t seen the movie yet, except for a small clip, but she said fans won’t be disappointed. “One thing I can say about what I’ve seen is it’s beautiful looking. Fede made an awesome looking movie.”

After the Evil Dead movies are done, Levy has no plans to continue in the genre. “I just don’t want to be tortured at work anymore,” she said.