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NYCC Impressions: 'Resident Evil: Revelations'

Capcom's multiplayer-leaning Operation Raccoon City wasn't the only Resident Evil title on display on the show floor at NYCC.  They also had a small kiosk set up with a handful of Nintendo 3DS units running the upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations.  Check out my impressions after the break.

From the looks of it, Revelations will be a return to form for Capcom and the Resident Evil series.  In spite of the now-standard over-the-shoulder view Shinji Mikami introduced in Resident Evil 4, this is probably the most traditional the series has felt in years.  The plot was nebulous during the game's brief demo, which sees series veteran Jill Valentine trapped on a cruise ship searching for Chris Redfield.    

The game's reliance on smaller groups of more powerful enemies, coupled with a beautiful use of darkness and shadow, makes the game feel more like the classic Resident Evil than the series has in years.  The game's usual, item-based puzzles are still there, but now they're gently enhanced by the 3DS' bottom touch screen, allowing players to tap the stylus to unscrew panels and complete circuits.

Easily the most surprising are the game's graphics, which use the 3DS' horsepower to approach console quality, while the system's 3D capabilities are used subtly to help immerse players further in the game world.  The game's release may be months away, but the amount of polish on display was impressive.

Resident Evil: Revelations will be released February 7, 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS.