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News Article

Obituary's DARKEST DAY Is Dawning!


Revered Florida death-metal unit Obituary (self-declared the “Heaviest Band in the World”) have divulged some wicked news via Blabbermouth on their latest projects – including their highly anticipated new album Darkest Day, which is scheduled for release on June 30th from Candlelight Records. Hit the jump and find out what's in store!

Darkest Day follows on the heels of last year's interim EP release for the new album's first single Left to Die, as well as the new track Slowly We Rot and a cover of Celtic Frost's Dethroned Emperor. The new record boasts a whopping 13 cuts in total, including titles like List of Dead, Fields of Pain and Violent Dreams. Vocalist John Tardy has declared the new CD to be “really sick,” and guitarist Ralph Santolla recently declared "The new stuff is heavy... if you like Obituary, you're gonna love this record."

In related news, the band will also be releasing their latest concert DVD this summer. The disc is taken from footage shot at the August 2008 Party-San Open Air Festival in Bad Berka, Germany.

Here's a bit of heavy mayhem to tide you over: the video for Evil Ways, a bonus feature on the Left to Die EP...