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News Article

The Occupy Movement Meets 'The Walking Dead'

Lest there be any doubt we are now living in the Golden Age of Limited Edition T-Shirts, feast your eye tongues on the full visual banquet that awaits you after the jump. It's probably the best Walking Dead tee I've seen yet.

The below t-shirt design, dubbed "Occupy Atlanta", comes from Tee Vs. Tee, and is available today only on Shirt Punch for a measly ten bucks. Use it to show the world you're a Walking Dead fan, or a fan of the Occupy movement, or because you think your mother would freak out if she saw you with a picture of a dead kid on your chest.

Of course if you go to the Tee Vs.Tee site, you'll find all sorts of other good stuff. One of my favorites is their Edward Scissorhands tribute poster, "The Jolly Edward". Happy hunting!