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News Article

Octopus Attacks Diver's Camera in Terrifying Video


Octopus camera

There are many reasons why I prefer to stay out of the water, and octopuses (or is it octopi?) are most definitely one of them. An experienced diver, David Malvestuto doesn't have that same fear, but his recent close encounter with one of them just might change that...

As reported by Global News, Malvestuto and his diving partner Warren Murray were deep sea diving earlier this month at Bluefish Cove in Carmel, California, when they unexpectedly came across as a giant octopus. Not used to seeing the creatures at the depths they were diving, Malvestuto stuck his camera in the face of the beast, and he learned the hard way that celebrities aren't the only ones who don't like to have their pictures taken.

Check out the terrifying video footage below, which is capped off with some amazing photographs that literally take you inside the mouth of a massive octopus!

Did you know that octopus tentacles can live on, even after being separated from the body? Check it out!