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Oddities of Toy Fair ‘13


With Toy Fair 2013 wrapped up for another year, we’re happy to say that even though there was plenty of big name collectibles and mainstream-oriented kid toys, the show didn’t disappoint when it came to the weird stuff too. Tucked away in any given aisle, or even on a shelf right next to something run-of-the-mill, the toy companies manage to sneak in some very strange products. 

In our swan song posting from Toy Fair 2013, FEARnet leaves you with some delightful oddities that made us smile, and often times immediately make a pre-order. 

Bif Bang Pow! Dexter Metal Tote with Wooden Slide Holder

If you’re a fan of the serial killer with a code, then this collectible metal tote is the best Dexter related swag we’ve seen since the Sergeant Doakes bobble head. Rewarding the fans who have long supported the Bif Bang Pow Dexter action line, the metal tote contains Dexter’s secret wooden box. In the show, Dex collects blood slides for each of his victims. Fans who bought the Dexter action figures have also gotten blood slides and the wooden box now gives them a place to store them too. It’s creepy and perfect and we need to have one. Available in summer 2013. 

Romper Zombies

Zombies are the new “it” monsters. Their every iteration is featured in TV and films, so why not make a toy line of baby zombies for kids? Romper Zombie are urban vinyl figures dripping with grotesque decay; sort of like Garbage Pail Kids of the Undead. Each month a new one is released and named after a letter in the alphabet. Twisted, yes, very. Andie, Bobbie and Colie will be available soon. 

Mezco Axe Cop Figures

You may not know the Axe Cop comics now, but that’s going to change soon. A cult hit with rave reviews, the series was created by Malachai and Ethan Nicolle in 2009. Five-year-old Malachai came up with a story about a cop who fights with an ax and Ethan, his 29-year-old brother, drew them into a comic series. It’s since had a limited run with Dark Horse Comics and is in development as an animated series for Fox. Mezco has embraced the insanity early and debuts Series One of their 3.75” action figures and plush this summer. Still not sure, there’s a dinosaur figure with tiny Gatling gun arms. Sold!

Bif Bang Pow! Six Million Dollar Man Bigfoot

Look at that horrible creature. No, we’re not talking about Steve Austin in his red track suit. We’re pointing at the huge shag carpet next to him. Bigfoot was ridiculous back when he often appeared on the ‘70s ABC action drama. Today he’s not much better as a 9 and 5/8-inches tall Mego style action figure, but you know you have to have him sitting on your desk staring at you daily.  We won’t judge. Available now. 

NECA The Lone Ranger Johnny Depp Figure

No one’s known what to make of Johnny Depp’s Comanche version of Tonto since his first photo dropped in 2012. A year later with a trailer under our belts, it’s still a head scratcher. Regardless, NECA has created a stunning ¼ scale sculpt of Depp in full regalia. Let us know if it ever gets less weird to look at. Available May 2013.  

Mezco Breaking Bad Plush

When you say Walter White, you immediately think of the former science teacher as an adorable plush toy, right? No? Well, Mezco does, so they’ve created official 4” and 8” plush versions of Walter and his knucklehead accomplice, Jesse, in their street clothes and their iconic Meth-making Hazmat suits. Go ahead and try and cuddle either of them in bed. Available summer 2013. 

Dark Horse HellBoy Mini Qee FIgures

Mike Mignola’s demon hero has been turned into a variety of fantastic mini Qee’s including an upcoming glow in the dark version which is available May 22, 2013 for $19.99.  Other upcoming versions include the B.P.R.D. Qee and the Red Qee. Both arrive in July. 

Bioshock Infinite Motorized Patriot Figure

Who doesn’t need an animatronic George Washington with a massive gun on their shelf? Plucked from the upcoming videogame Bioshock Infinite, this motorized action figure looks like someone steam-punked our first president and it’s awesome. The action figure will be available in time for July 4th, 2013. 

Photos by Bill Edwards