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Oh, LORDI...Here They Come!


Finland’s self-described “Monster Metal” act Lordi have declared their plans to invade the USA as part of a massive world tour to promote the Halloween release of their new album Deadache.

Already notorious on the other side of the pond thanks to their outlandish monster makeups and haunted-house set design (with concert pyrotechnics that give KISS a run for their money), the band shocked European audiences back in 2006 when they became the first Finnish group to win the long-standing (and admittedly pretty cheesy) Eurovision Song Contest, and first frightened US audiences with their main-stage performances at Ozzfest last year.

Way less obscene than fellow shock-rockers GWAR (and let’s face it, trying to top GWAR in obscenity is a futile effort), Lordi is basically old-school 70’s & ‘80s anthem-filled arena rock dressed in horror drag – vampires, mummies, aliens and killer robots are just some of the many guises donned by band members for their wildly expensive stage show – and they’re hella fun to see live.

The band has completely redesigned that presentation for the new tour, with new costumes for band members Amen the Mummy, Awa the Vampire, Ox the Hellbull, Kita the Man-beast and of course Mr. Lordi himself. They’ll be joined on the US tour by recently reunited metal heroes Lizzy Borden and camp Goth-rockers Stolen Babies.

You’ll get an early chance to check out their new demonic duds when they kick off their tour with a guest spot on Conan O’Brien November 6th, but in the meantime you can hear some tracks from Deadache on Lordi’s MySpace.