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News Article

Old Man's Child Preparing to Enslave the World!

Totally evil Norwegian metal outfit Old Man’s Child – the demonic offspring of Dimmu Borgir guitarist Galder (aka Tom Rune Andersen) – are expecting their own accursed offspring next month with the release of their third album Slaves of the World. The band continues to divulge more gory details about the upcoming release, so click on through to learn what evil lurks within!

Galder and company completed tracking Slaves in Sweden last fall under the deft hand of acclaimed producer Fredrik Nordström, who produced the band’s previous two albums In Defiance of Existence and Vermin, and has worked with Dimmu Borgir as well as Swedish metal superstars like In Flames and Arch Enemy. The album will consist of nine songs including the opening/title track – which you can stream right now at their MySpace – and includes songs like “Saviours of Doom,” “On the Devil’s Throne,” “Servants of Satan’s Monastery” (can’t wait to hear that one) and the very Dimmu-sounding title “The Spawn Of Lost Creation.”

Slaves of the World will debut in the US on May 19th through Century Media… keep an eye on FEARnet’s music pages for the complete review!