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News Article

Original Ronald McDonald Delivers Happy Meals and Nightmares


Some experts estimate that one in seven people have some level of Coulrophobia, a fear of clowns.  Truthfully, I'd wager to guess that those numbers are actually much higher.  Let's face it, though they exist to spread joy and make people happy (...or so they say), there's just something insanely creepy about people who have permanent smiles painted onto their faces, especially considering the fact that you have no idea what's really hiding underneath the makeup.  That is the very definition of unsettling, in my personal dictionary.

If you don't agree, then allow me to introduce to you Exhibit A; the original version of Ronald McDonald.  First introduced in 1963, and played by Willard Scott, Ronald was originally a whole lot creepier looking than he even is now... no small feat, considering the modern day incarnation of the character is still pretty damn nightmare-inducing.

You ready?  You sure?  Well alright then...

Ronald McDonald creepy

Hey, I tried to warn you.  And if that wasn't enough to make you sleep with one eye open tonight, check out these vintage McDonald's commercials that Ronald made his debut in, which we spotted over on The Huffington Post!