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Our Favorite Horror Sidekicks: 'Halloween’s' Annie Brackett


Halloween's Annie Brackett"I think you're wacko. Now you're seeing men behind bushes!"

Halloween's Annie Brackett is in the unique position of being BFFs with one of horror’s most notorious Final Girls. Brash and sarcastic, Annie is the polar opposite of Laurie Strode. She’s constantly teasing Laurie about her uptight tendencies and playing the role of “bad influence” in Laurie’s life. But despite her caustic character, Annie is a true friend to Laurie, right up until the very end.

Film: Halloween

Year: 1978

Sidekick: Annie Brackett (Nancy Loomis)

Why this Sidekick Is Better Than the Lead: Fast-talking and funny, Annie provides a trouble-making teen element that’s lacking in the innocent Laurie. Her weed-smoking, boy-crazy influence makes Laurie seem more real, and her self-deprecating humor supplies comic relief. Like Laurie, Annie provides a blue print for many characters in horror to come.

Moment of Glory: Annie has the first real interaction with Michael Myers in the movie, when she yells at the creepy car that’s been following her group of friends. Instead of sympathizing with her best friend who is clearly freaked out by the whole event, she makes fun of Laurie and later taunts her with a prank phone call.

Moment of Gory: Annie’s death and final resting place. Once Annie has convinced Laurie to watch the kid she’s babysitting, she takes off to meet up with boyfriend Paul. In classic horror movie tradition, Annie pays for her “immoral” actions with her life. The death scene, though not very long, has a protracted feel about it and ends with the unforgettable image of Annie’s face squashed against the car window. But Michael doesn’t leave her body there, he sets up one last prank for Annie to play on Laurie by hiding her body in the Wallace’s master bedroom, his sister’s tombstone at her head.