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Our Favorite Horror Sidekicks - 'Phantasm's' Reggie


This week's sidekick pick is Phantasm's Reggie, an average guy-turned-hero who transforms from wingman to gun-toting Tall Man hunter.

Film: Phantasm Series

Year: 1979

Sidekick: Reggie (Reggie Bannister)

Why this Sidekick Is Better Than the Lead: Reggie is the classic good guy and a hopelessly devoted friend to protagonist Mike and his little brother Jody. Later in the series, Reggie is the lone adult left in Jody’s life, taking on the role of his caretaker after Mike gets lost in mirror-land.  He’s also an ice cream man, amateur musician and lover of the ladies. Most importantly, he kicks ass on many different levels as he searches for the Tall Man.

Moment of Glory: Reggie’s moment of glory isn’t really a moment. It’s the fact that he endured, graduating from supporting character to main role in Phantasm II, going from nice guy to badass and really propelling the narrative for sequels to come.

Moment of Gory: Going straight to Phantasm II for this one and, honestly, it was a tough call. The chainsaw fight scene was good, but we’ve seen that before.  A four-barrel shotgun? Now that’s something new. Watch the ever-mellow Reggie take down four alien dwarves and never miss a beat.