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News Article

Ozzy Gives Fans a 'Scream'

The expected media mega-blitz has been underway for a while now in the run-up to Ozzy Osbourne's upcoming album Scream, but every once in a while those promoters come up with something pretty unique... and this may be one of those moments: it seems Ozzy and his team took some inspiration from the album's first single, Let Me Hear You Scream, to pull a clever stunt at the famous Madam Tussaud's Wax Museum in New York. Hit the jump and check out the video!

“I'm here to scare the shit outa my fans!” Ozzy declares in the clip, and he does exactly that, sitting in for his own wax likeness and waiting for fans to sit down for a quick photo... you can see them start to marvel at the amazing likeness (one little tyke is a bit skeeved by the “real hair on his arms”) before they soil their underoos in terror when he leaps up to grab them.

Scream hits stores on June 22nd, and the video for the first single is currently in the works. You can also see exclusive studio footage from the Scream recording sessions on Amazon.  But first, check out this little promo…