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Ozzy Spreads His Bat Wings in New Video


To coincide with the release of his new album Scream, Ozzy Osbourne just launched the video for the album's first single, Let Me Hear You Scream. With acclaimed video director Jonas Åkerlund at the helm, you know you're probably in for a creepy good time... that is, if the concept of a robotic Ozzy rat-spider-bat is your cup of brew, then I'd say you've come to the right place. Hit the jump, jack the volume and let the nightmare begin!

Åkerlund – the Swedish director whose most recent attention-grabbing video efforts include the notoriously skeevy X-rated clip for Rammstein's single Pussy – wrapped shooting on the Ozzy video last month. The Grammy-winning auteur brings his famously twisted visual sensibilities to the track, transforming the metal legend into acoustically-equipped cyborg spiders, rats and bats... although he doesn't actually bite his own head off, which would have been a nice ironic touch. Ozz even shoots up with a glowing green serum, Herbert West-style.

Scream, which hit stores yesterday, is Ozzy's tenth studio album, and marks his first studio work with Gus G, who famously took over lead guitar duties from longtime axe-man Zakk Wylde, as well as former Rob Zombie drummer Tommy Clufetos. Rounding out the team is Rob “Blasko” Nicholson (also a veteran of Zombie’s and Alice Cooper’s bands) and keyboardist Adam Wakeman (son of Yes’s Rick Wakeman).

Go batty with the Ozz-man right here!