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'Pacific Rim' Sequel Already in the Works


Guillermo del Toro's eagerly-awaited Pacific Rim is still months away from its July 12th theatrical premiere - we haven't even seen a proper trailer yet. Yet Legendary Pictures is already prepping a sequel.

Pacific Rim has been a top-secret project for years, but with the giant monsters vs. giant robots plot, it is no surprise that it is being positioned as a tentpole picture. But just because it is a cool concept with an amazing director at the helm doesn't mean that it will be a franchise-worthy property (although let's be honest: it has a far better chance than most.) Travis Beacham, who wrote the initial Pacific Rim treatment based on his own spec script, is working on the sequel, which del Toro will be co-scripting. It is too early to tell if del Toro will return to direct a sequel, as he has enough projects in the works to last several lifetimes. Among these are a pilot for The Strain for FX, based off a novel series co-written with Chuck Hogan; and Crimson Peak, a haunted house film that won't even go into production until 2014.

Source: Hollywood Reporter