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Pair of Chimps Attend Screening of Dawn of the Planet Of The Apes


Tempting fate? Playing with fire?  This next story certainly qualifies.  
Chimps Vali and Sugriva were taken to the opening night of the new Planet of the Apes movie where they sat in attendance with the 1000 other movie goers at the BigD Auditorium in Myrtle Beach.

Bhagavan Antle, director of the Myrtle Beach Safari where the chimps reside, had the following to say about the simian cinephiles:

"The older one, Vali, is a very bright guy, he's watched the Lord Of The Rings many times, and he could follow the whole plot of the movie. He loves to clap - when he likes something he claps, so he clapped for the good guys, and when chimps don't like what's happening they hoot or bark, so when the bad guy came on he was barking.".

Here's hoping that they didn't pick up any ideas from Koba.

(H/T The Daily Mail)