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News Article

PaleyFest 2010 Lineup Confirmed!

There were rumors, there were rumblings, but now there is confirmation: Dexter and The Vampire Diaries will both be showcased at the 2010 PaleyFest, along with kinda-sorta genre shows Flashforward and Lost.

PaleyFest is an annual event held in Los Angeles where cast and crew show up to talk about their shows, screen episodes, and take questions from the audience.  An event like this would normally only be open to the press, but PaleyFest is open to the general public – tickets go on sale next week.

Lost will screen on February 27th.  Dexter’s event will be held on March 4th, with The Vampire Diaries following on the 6th, and Flashforward on the 11th.  Talent has not been confirmed for the events, but you aren’t going to get stuck with an assistant and a guest star.  The creators, writers, directors, and stars always turn up for these things.