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News Article

Paranoia Takes Over Santa Monica With a New Halloween Attraction


A new, professional haunted attraction will launch in Southern California this Halloween season. Located in Santa Monica, the Paranoia Haunted Attraction is being launched by industry professionals Matthew Gavin and Denise Larson. The attraction will include three mazes: the self-explanatory "Insomniac Clown Playhouse;" "The Infirmary," which takes you from a routine doctor's visit, to surgery, and eventually to an asylum; and "Granny's Manor of Mayhem," a supernaturally-themed maze.

Larson explains that hiring "normal" actors to mix in with the guests will allow for more complex choreography, and each walk-through has the potential to be different. Additionally, each maze is around 8000 square feet (about twice what "normal" mazes are), so if you come on multiple nights, there is a good chance the path will be different.

Paranoia will open on September 28th and run through Halloween. One ticket will allow you to walk through as many mazes, as many times, as you like on that day. For more deets, head over to Creepy LA.