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Paranormal Activity Documented in Michigan Nursing Home


Haunted old folks home

Given how many people pass away in nursing homes on a regular basis, it should come as no surprise that some of them are quite haunted. And according to the residents and staff of the Grand Pines Assisted Living Center in Grand Haven, Michigan, the home they spend their days at is one of the more haunted ones in the country.

As reported by the Grand Haven Tribune, staff members of the center have come to expect visits from former residents who have crossed over, and so commonplace are the hauntings that they've just become a regular part of daily life. One of the more eerie recurring stories is that of a deceased man who refuses to leave the home, and who has been seen by staff members and even his widow, who resides in the center.  “I walked into her room to put her snack on her night stand," one caregiver recounted. "She looked at me straight in the eye and told me that 'Dan woke me up today.' Of course, I freaked out at that moment and fast-walked out of her room."

Other staff members and residents have reported seeing another man and even a little girl in the center, both of whom quickly vanished from sight. In one incident, a strange message was scribbled onto a note placed on a medical cart, and the handwriting couldn't be traced to anyone currently living in the home. It read: "We are from the plane — lost  — we will not hurt you! Honest!"

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