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News Article

'Paranormal Activity' Franchise Breaking Box Office Records - Again


There was no way that Paranormal Activity 3 wouldn't be profitable. At $5 million, it had a built-in audience and was the highest budgeted flick in the franchise. However, no one expected just how profitable it would be. Like its predecessors, it exceeded all expectations. PA3 distributor Paramount was only looking for $35 million this weekend. So how much did it make?

An estimated $54 million in three days, that's how much. This marks the biggest-ever opening weekend for a horror movie and the biggest-ever October opening. It grossed as much as this weekend's other Top 10 films combined. Granted, with crap like Johnny English Reborn, Footloose, and The Three Musketeers gracing screens,the competition wasn't particularly fierce. 

Currently, PA3 has grossed $80 million worldwide.