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Peep This Exclusive Alternate Poster for 'Donner Pass'


Little needs to be said to make the story of the Donner Party more horrific. In May 1846, 87 settlers headed west with the intention of settling in California and Oregon. The group should have reached California by September of that year, but inclement weather trapped them in the Sierra Nevada until they could be rescued beginning in February of 1847. In that time, the much of the group resorted to cannibalism in order to survive. Only 48 did.

Elise Robertson's new film, Donner Pass, is set in modern times but draws upon the Donner legacy. A group of high school kids head to a remote cabin located in Donner Pass (where the Party was trapped) for a parents-free weekend of sex, booze, and skiing. Their numbers begin to dwindle as one by one, the kids are killed off. We have an exclusive alternate poster design for you after the break.

Donner Pass is now available on DVD and VOD.