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Perlman Joins '13: Game of Death' Remake 'Angry Little God'


Ron Perlman is the latest star to join Rutina Wesley from True Blood and Mark Webber from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World in David Stamm’s Angry Little God. Perlman is also in Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim and reported to be talking with the director about Hellboy 3.

Angry Little God is a remake of the Thai film 13: Game of Death about a man who receives a mysterious phone call telling him he can win a fortune in a secret-camera game show if he completes 13 tasks. Like most of these stories, the tasks tend toward the bloody side. See the trailer below.

Stamm also directed A Necessary Death and The Last Exorcism. He is co-writing Angry Little God with David Birke. Other cast includes Pruitt Taylor Vince, Tom Bower and Devon Graye.

via Hollywood Reporter