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'Phantasm 5: Ravager' is Headed Our Way; Check Out the First Teaser Poster!


Phantasm 5

Last year we wrote up a post highlighting 10 planned horror movie sequels that we're still waiting to see, and Phantasm 5 was one of the films that made the list. 1998 saw the release of Phantasm 4: Oblivion, and ever since then fans have been eager to see the continuing adventures of the Tall Man and his deadly silver spheres, with a fifth installment being the subject of endless rumors and discussions in recent years.

Franchise creator/director Don Coscarelli has remained tight-lipped about the future of Phantasm, and that future has been shrouded in uncertainty since the moment the credits rolled on Phantasm 4, and we were left off on a cliffhanger of an ending.

Today, the fog of uncertainty has been lifted...

The above poster comes to us courtesy of Aint It Cool News, and they say that they have 100% confirmed that it is indeed legit, and not merely a piece of fan art. Though the site is apparently not at liberty to reveal any details about Phantasm: Ravager, in regards to plot or a release date, they say that it may be ready for us sooner than we think, suggesting that perhaps the film has been shot, and kept a secret during the production process.

An original draft for the fifth installment was set in a desolate future and centered on hi-tech troops attempting to put an end to the Tall Man once and for all, though we have no way of knowing if the upcoming sequel has anything whatsoever to do with that concept. We'll be sure to report more as we learn it!