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'Phantasm II' DVD

For some horror fiends, it took a while for the love to catch up with this studio sequel to Don Coscarelli's low-budget 1979 classic... but I've always stood proudly in the Phantasm II camp. Sure, Universal stumbled a bit trying to convince fans to go with indie pretty-boy James LeGros as a slightly older version of hero Mike (flashbacks to the first film showing original actor A. Michael Baldwin don't exactly sell the illusion), but when the ball (pun intended) really gets rolling, you won't care... it's a bizarre, demonic gore-fest all the way through.

Angus Scrimm is back as The Tall Man, and his infamous killer spheres get tuned with after-market mods like buzz-saws and laser beams. The eerily beautiful nightmare imagery is well-presented in Universal's DVD transfer, and although it falls short of Anchor Bay's lavish presentation of the original, it's still worth rounding out any fan's (Phan's?) collection.

$15.99 from Amazon