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Pixar Artist Turns Horror Movie Scenes Into Children's Picture Book


Josh Cooley Alien

For the past ten years, Josh Cooley has been a storyboard artist for Pixar, working on films like The Incredibles, Cars and Up. In his spare time, Josh has a personal little hobby that we think you're gonna like; he draws iconic R-rated movie scenes in a children's picture book style, bridging the gap between his work and his passion for horror.

As we spotted over on Indiewire, Josh has drawn up memorable imagery from films like Jaws and Alien in the kid-friendly fashion, and on February 25th he will be releasing a book called Movies R Fun!, which collects together all of the artwork. Described as "one book that should probably not be read at bedtime," it's jam packed with 48 pages of art, and you can pre-order your copy over on Amazon.

If you're too impatient to wait, you can get a sneak peek at the inside pages of the book by checking out a handful of the drawings below, which come courtesy of Cooley's website. Be sure to pay a visit to the site, where you can see more and even purchase prints of your favorites!

Josh Cooley Jaws

Josh Cooley Predator

Josh Cooley Pan's Labyrinth

Psycho Josh Cooley

Silence of the Lambs Josh Cooley

The Shining Josh Cooley

Rosemary's Baby Josh Cooley

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