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Pizza Maker Creates Edible Portraits of Horror Icons


Papa's Pizza

We've seen some pretty creative artists depict their favorite horror icons in some pretty unique ways over the years, from a guy who paints them onto peanuts to one who imagines a world where they find themselves in the Garbage Pail Kids universe. We even recently spotlighted an artist who turns old VHS tapes into cinema's most iconic slashers, which is one art series you truly have to see to believe.

But perhaps nobody we've covered in the past takes a more unique - and delicious - approach to their horror icon art than Wilhelm Rodriguez, a pizza maker at the Puerto Rican joint Papa's Pizza. His art is as cheesy as it gets... in the very best of ways!

Armed with tomato sauce and cheese as his artistic tools, Rodriguez delights customers by turning their pies into works of art, using the aforementioned ingredients to create pizza portraits of well-known characters like Freddy and Jason. Yes. Pizza portraits. How awesome is that?!

See some of Rodriguez' creations below and learn more about him over on the Papa's Pizza Facebook page. Thanks to Riot Daily for bringing this tasty art to our attention!

Jason Voorhees pizza

Chucky pizza

Freddy Krueger pizza

Daryl Dixon