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Play ‘Manhunt 2’ as it Was Originally Intended!

Remember Manhunt 2?  Yeah, I thought not.  While the first Manhunt followed convicted killer James Earl Cash as he stealthily dispatched his foes in snuff-film fashion, its 2007 sequel gave us a less willing protagonist in Danny Lamb, whose kills had to be masked with filters and effects to reduce the game’s rating from an “AO” to “M.” 

Neutered main characters and softened violence do not make for memorable sequels.  However, a recent post on the ESRB website hints that Manhunt 2 is coming to us with its original content fully restored.  More after the break.

The ESRB website, often a source of early info due to their tendency to post information for unannounced games, has just made a listing for Manhunt 2 (second item down) to be released for Windows PC with its original AO rating intact.  This should allow for all of the game’s censored content to be shown in its full gory glory.  It will more than likely be a download-only release, as most retail outlets won’t stock games with the AO rating.
Of course, uncensored gore won’t help out the game with its primary flaw: its boring main character.