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Play the 'Camera Obscura' Game Today


We recently directed your attention to the Camera Oscura game, which is due out today for Android and iOS platforms. Based on the popular web series from FEARnet's own Drew Daywalt about a young woman who inherits and continues her grandfather's demon-hunting legacy. Today we received some additional deets on the game. Check them out after the jump, along with a couple of additional screen shots and the trailer.

Here's the latest official announcement on the game...

Produced by MWG Entertainment (MWG), the "Camera Obscura" mobile game will follow a story line consistent with the popular horror web series previously distributed on programming destination site, MWG's latest efforts will incorporate original music and live-action footage from the series directly into the game play and provide fans an opportunity to lead characters through the world of "Camera Obscura."

The game will be available on the iTunes and Android Market on October 18th, 2011 as a paid app and will leverage the show's online popularity to feed its rich fan base.  Both iOS and Android devices including the industry leading iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as the HTC EVO and Motorola Droid will support game play.  Shortly after the smart phone release, MWG will also launch a version formatted for Apple's popular tablet, the iPad.

Originally airing over four consecutive weeks during October 2010, the show released 20 total episodes with a complete runtime of just under 100 minutes.  Unique for its emphasis on physical special effects, "Camera Obscura" captured a global audience with an intriguing story line, dark onset of creatures and an ensemble cast of characters. 

One of Dailymotion's most viewed original online properties, the series follows a young woman who discovers her deceased grandfather was not only a demon hunter but now his quest to save humanity is hers to finish. The show is currently available on-demand by visiting the series portal:

The game can be purchased on the iTunes site and Android site.