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News Article

Play the Free Online 'Dexter' Game


While waiting (impatiently) for the new season of Dexter to start, why not get preemptive and hunt America's favorite serial killer down?  Showtime has released a little YouTube game challenging you to find Dex.  Amidst busy public backdrops, you must find Dexter before he slips back into the crowd.  Don't look for a striped sweater and glasses; that won't help.

The four-level game is hard.  I was frustrated, and only able to find Dexter on the first level.  After ten minutes of squinting and replaying, I finally gave up.  Perhaps you will fare better.  Me, I'm just going to continue waiting like a five-year-old on Christmas Eve.  My Christmas – aka the Dexter season premiere – will fall on September 27 at 9pm, on Showtime.