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'Poltergeist' Reboot Gets a Writer


The Sam Raimi-produced remake of Poltergeist nabbed Inkheart and Rise of the Guardians screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire to pen the script.

Shock Till You Drop caught up with the Pulitzer-prize winning playwright after a screening of Rise of the Guardians, where he confirmed he had been busy working on the script for the remake.

“Lindsay-Abaire said that it was Raimi who asked him if he wanted to write the new Poltergeist and that he hasn't read any of the previous scripts that had been floating around and is indeed starting from scratch. He told us how much he loves the original movie and that he hopes to pay tribute to it with his version, but that's all he could say,” Shock reports.

It will be very interesting to see how the dramatist will interpret the 1982 Hooper and Spielberg classic; he's sure to have an original take on it.

via Shock Till You Drop