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News Article

'Portable Grindhouse' Book

This book is gifty gold for horror-hounds on your list who fondly remember the pre-Blockbuster days… or even those naïve young pups who can benefit from your worldly knowledge of the VHS era. Author, editor and historian Jacques Boyreau (who previously examined exploitation one-sheet art in his 2002 book Trash) has compiled an ultra-cool gallery of trash-movie box art from the bygone age of mom & pop video stores – those treasure-troves of grindhouse gold for legions of horror geeks in the early ‘80s. It’s even packaged in a mangled VHS-cover slipcase to recreate the naughty sensation of finding an illicit gem among the rental racks… all that’s missing is the taint of cigarette smoke to complete the the illusion.

Bear in mind that this one won’t hit the streets until New Year’s Eve… but what a way to start someone’s year off right!

Preorder for $13.49 on Amazon