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Post Mortem: Tobe Hooper


Hopefully, you enjoyed revisiting a full week of our original interview series Post Mortem, which was capped off last Friday with a new exclusive interview with host Mick Garris. But because it's Christmas, and you've all been nice (right?) and also since we're on the cusp of a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, this lost Post Mortem episode seems timely. We're proud to present our never-before-aired Post Mortem with director Tobe Hooper!

In Part 1, the iconic horror director talks about creating The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, one of the original rule breaking films of the genre. Part 2, Hooper discuses the "red humor" (as Mick calls it) of his films, as well as the experience of making an independent film and working with first time crew members to create something special. Part 3 delves into working with Warner Brothers to adapt Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot'. Part 4 touches upon everything from revealing the magic trick of the "kitchen chair" scene in Poltergeist to getting an education on special effects with Steven Spielberg. Garris digs in deep and even gets Hooper to talk about his own real paranormal experience. In the 5th and final part, Hooper opens up about what scares him.

This is a good one, fiends. Enjoy Post Mortem: Tobe Hooper!


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