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News Article

Premiere Date Set for 'Ghost Brothers' Musical

The on-again, off-again (and again, and again) stage musical Ghost Brothers of Darkland County – a collaboration between horror legend Stephen King and veteran rocker John Mellencamp – is now officially a go, according to Atlanta's Alliance Theater, which will be staging the show next spring. It's about time... this project's been in the works for eleven years, and until recently it seemed like it would never actually happen. We've got more details about the show below the fold, so read on...

According to a new posting at the Alliance Theater website, Ghost Brothers will premiere on April 4th, 2012, and is scheduled to run through May 13th. Described as "a riveting Southern Gothic musical," the show is based on actual murders which took place in the small Mississippi town of Lake Belle Reve in 1957. The story is told through the eyes of Joe McCandless, the only man who knows the secret behind the 40-year legend, who must confront the ghosts of the murder victims before they destroy him and his two sons.

The real-life events inspired Mellencamp to create the concept and songs for the play, then he turned to King to write it, and producer T Bone Burnett came aboard as music director. Mellencamp previously revealed on his official site that a companion CD (produced by Burnett) will be released around the same time as the musical.