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Prepare for Chthonic's 'Retribution' This Summer

Taiwan’s extreme-metal superstars Chthonic are putting the final touches on their new album Mirror of Retribution, which is slated for international release this August. Anthrax’s Rob Caggiano took on the role of producer for the 11-track epic, which the band says will explore “both the spirit and mortal worlds,” blending ancient mythological depictions of hell with pages from their country’s turbulent history. Find out more about this ambitious project after the jump!

Delving heavily into Taiwan’s folklore and history – two subjects which are often tightly intertwined – Chthonic’s music often combines traditional instruments (including a two-string violin called a hena) with seriously dark metal elements to create an otherworldly sound. Bass player Doris Yeh says that they’re taking that concept “to a whole new level” with Mirror: "In the past, we've been described in various ways, as 'symphonic black metal' or 'melodic death,'” she explains, “but this was our chance to establish a new place for ourselves in the extreme metal genre."

Mirror of Retribution is slated for release on August 10 from Spinefarm Records UK. More updates are coming soon at band’s official MySpace, so check ‘em out.