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News Article

Prepare For the Kaiju Monster Attack! (aka Get Ready for the 'Pacific Rim' Viral Invasion)


The clock is ticking down to Guillermo del Toro's upcoming epic Pacific Rim. Up to this point, details on the film were slim, but the general consensus was that it would be giant robots vs. giant monsters. A viral marketing campaign launched today tells us... well, it's going to be giant robots vs. giant monsters.

Coming from the Pan Pacific Defense Corps, we have an "Emergency Broadcast" test, a terrifying news report, and blueprints so that you can build your own Jager robot and defend yourself against the Godzilla-like creatures that have run amok.

In a recent interview, director Guillermo del Toro promised we would see the full trailer for Pacific Rim with a movie coming out this holiday season (The Hobbit, anyone?) Hopefully you can survive the impending invasion long enough.

Source: Wired