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Prepare for a 'Sintanic' 2010

Acclaimed guitarist Darrell Roberts – formerly of Five Finger Death Punch and the notorious W.A.S.P. – has started a metal project of his own, the awesomely-named Sintanic (damn, I wish I'd thought of that name first). Roberts is busily crafting evil new tunes for the band's 2010 debut, and he dropped some interesting hints about the release... which you can read about below the fold.

After a successful career recording and touring with some of metal's old guard and rising new talents, Roberts finally decided to forge ahead on his own: "I mean no disrespect to anyone I have worked with in the past, he states on his official blog, "because I regret nothing! It was invaluable,a learning experience, and I thank you all for the opportunity... but it was really time to let my creative side roam free and record my music.”

Roberts is hard at work on the new material, and aiming for a Spring 2010 release. You can preview some of the new songs (Push the Enemy, Are You Still Alive? and Lost and Found) on the Sintanic MySpace.