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News Article

Pretend to Be Surprised: 'Dead Rising 2' Officially Announced!


Capcom announced in a press release what you, I, and everyone else in creation have known for quite a while: that they’re working with developer Blue Castle Games to make a sequel to everyone’s favorite game about zombies in a mall…well, it’s the only game, but…ah hell.

Moving the action from Willamette to the Vegas-modeled Fortune City, Dead Rising 2 has you filling the shoes of a yet-to-be-named protagonist (not Frank West, sadly) as he fends off the undead, which have spread across the country.  It isn’t known if the photojournalism aspect of the first game will carry over, or if it will be cruelly excised like in Chop Till You Drop.

You can check out the full press release on, where else, Capcom’s Unity Blog.