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Pretty Sure This Panda-Themed Hotel is the World's Creepiest Vacation Spot


panda hotel

Native to south central China, the panda bear has become somewhat of a mascot for the country, as synonymous with Chinese culture as dragons and fried rice. Pandas are adorable, there's no denying that, but this latest capitalization on that fact is a whole lot more creepy than it is cute...

The Panda Inn

As we spotted over on Thrillist, a panda-themed hotel called The Panda Inn opens up next month in China, catering directly to those who are a little bit too obsessed with the country's most iconic furry friend. Each of the 32 rooms is fully decked out with panda imagery, from the art on the walls to the prints on the towels, pillows, slippers and furniture. Even the telephones in each room are panda-shaped, though I suppose you already gathered that by now.

The Panda Inn

The creepiest aspect of this incredibly strange hotel, however, is the fact that the staff members are all dressed up in panda costumes, greeting you in your room and available to keep you company, as you enjoy your panda-inspired meals. It seems costumed staff members can even be rented for cuddling purposes, and we can only hope that the line is drawn there.

the Panda Inn

Located at the base of China's Emei Mountain, not far from the place where the majority of the world's pandas live, the hotel is now accepting reservations, with rooms starting at $110 per night. Learn more, and book your stay, over on the Panda Inn website!

I think I'll spend the night in the H.R. Giger-inspired sci-fi hotel, myself. But thanks, pandas. I appreciate the hospitality.