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News Article

Prong Frontman Does WEEKEND OF HORRORS

In the run-up to Prong's hotly anticipated new album Power of the Damn MiXXXer (due on May 12th, but you'll read all about it on these pages very soon), band frontman Tommy Victor will be attending this month's Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors 30th Anniversary show in Los Angeles. More details below the jump!

Victor will be joined at the convention by wicked cyber-metal act Skumlove (one of the bands featured on the soundtrack to the XXX-rated Edward Lee comic adaptation Grub Girl), whose in-the-works album The Church of the New Perversion Victor helped write and produce. The artists will be signing autographs in the Schecter Guitar Research booth from April 17-19.

Check out this video of Tommy laying down some evil riffs (and generally shooting the shit) in the studio with the Skumlove crew; also joining in the fun is Static-X bassist Tony Campos.