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News Article

PS3 Gets Bioshock 2 Exclusive...Sort of.


Dedicated Sony fanboys who bought the slightly-enhanced port of 2K Games’ neo-classic Bioshock were in for a little surprise buried in the Extras menu on the PS3 version of the game: a brief, oddly cryptic teaser trailer for the (inevitable) sequel, Bioshock 2.

Subtitled Sea of Dreams, the teaser shows us what looks to be a young adult version of a Little Sister standing on the Atlantic coast clutching a Big Daddy doll as Rapture-esque buildings form out of the sand behind her.  It looks as if 2K is abandoning their original plan of a prequel for a more traditional sequel, but it’s not quite clear which ending of the original game, good or evil, it will follow.

You can check the shaky-cam teaser out from Youtube below: