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News Article

Psycho Charger Joins the 'Maniacs!'

Horror-rock hellions Psycho Charger and Skinny Puppy frontman Ogre will be among the artists participating in the long-awaited sequel to Tim Sullivan's popular H.G. Lewis reboot, 2001 Maniacs. The sequel, now back on track and currently titled Field of Screams, will feature some horror-friendly tunes on the soundtrack, including Psycho Charger’s single Redneck Zombies, and Ogre will again be appearing onscreen with his Repo! costar, the most excellent Bill Moseley... who may be serving up some wicked musical treats of his own. More goodies below the fold!

The plot for Field of Screams finds the murderous populace of Pleasant Valley taking to the road after the local sheriff finally stops covering up their frequent killing sprees. The gang then decide to form the 'Pleasant Valley Traveling Road Show' as a more mobile cover for their cannibalistic shenanigans. Moseley is taking over Robert Englund’s role as the town’s eyepatch-sporting elder, and as he told FEARnet recently, his own music project Spider Mountain will likely be contributing to the soundtrack as well. (Bill’s previous music outings include Cornbugs, which features the manic stylings of guitar-wizard Buckethead.)

Psycho Charger’s Redneck Zombies is the hit single from their 2005 studio album Curse of the Psycho. The follow-up album, Mark of the Psycho, is coming soon… stay tuned for more details on that release and the Field of Screams soundtrack!